Bindomatic has a wide variety of thermal binder covers to suit any presentation need. Spine widths of the covers range from 1.5-54 mm. The thermal binder covers are constructed so that they can accommodate between 1 and 540 sheets. The different cover series feature either soft or hard casing.



With a crystal clear front cover transparency, the Bindomatic Classic cover is available in white, smooth paper quality and in spine widths from 1.5-54 mm. The simple, polished appearance of this cover is always professional.


Bindomatic Aquarelle covers are created with a frosted plastic front, and a linen textured paper.

They are available in a sober and refined array of colours – graphite, white, burgundy, black, blue, dark blue, grey, dark green, red and yellow. The Aquarelle cover series is distinctive and the most popular business application.

Advocate Regular

Advocate Regular

A traditional look for your important documents

Advocate Window

Advocate Window

Advocate Covers project a traditional image that is refined, elegant and purely professional.

Aquarium 1


As the name indicate this cover style comes with a transparent front and rear - in other words the cover reveal the content of both the first and last sheet without the need to open the document.

Ambassador Regular 1

Ambassador Regular

The best choice for special reports, business presentations or manuals is the Ambassador cover series, with its hard, linen textured surface. Ambassador cover series impresses any reader.

Ambassador POD 1 and sample of self-adhesive label which you can personalise

Ambassador POD

These Ambassador POD covers are hard-bound, linen textured covers with an added feature—a self-adhesive label which you can personalise by digitally create and print your own design and then paste the finished label into the embossed frame of the cover.

Ambassador Window 1

Ambassador Window

Another option for a great first impression of a document is the Ambassador Window cover – hard cased with linen texture featuring a die-cut window that allow you to expose partial content of the first printed page of the document.

Customised Covers

Customised Covers

For years, Bindomatic has helped companies and businesses customise report covers with their logos, corporate colours and slogans – all helping them to reinforce their brand identities. The personalising choices for corporate book bindings are almost endless.

Design on Demand

Bindomatic’s innovative Design On Demand cover allows you to use any front sheet to create a perfectly-bound document. Simply affix your front sheet to the double sided tape found on the spine and you’re ready to bind using any Bindomatic binding machine.